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Welcome To Denver.

We are a hotel & advertorial company based in Denver, Colorado – providing expert accommodation for speciality clientèle, particularly those from all around the world. With partner institutions all around the world we provide expert advice and ultimate access to the best deals world wide. Below you’ll find a great selection of our best picks, whether it be local Denver and Colorado based businesses and offices, or whether it is our team of international partners in both New Zealand, UK, Canada and of course, Australia.


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Partners – Poppers Australia

Our reputable partners come from all over the world. Notably, we have connections in Melbourne & Sydney, Australia – as a valued customer of ours, should you require assistance with either accomodation or sourcing your favourite accessories whilst away from Denver, then please do get in contact with us and we will refer you to our contacts in Australia. In Melbourne we have partnerships with Adult Shops based in both Victoria and New South Wales – given our private customer base at “A Colorado Hotel” includes only members who are over the age of eighteen (18) then we are able to provide valuable connections in both cities to you. Whether your visit to Australia is for leisure or business,, an adult based aroma and perfume dealer out of NSW will be able to provide you and your significant other (if you are travelling with your significant other) with name brand, locally supplied poppers for purchase via mail.

2755399214_fbb05e8fa8_zSome of our members aren’t aware, but the webmaster and administrator of “A Colorado Hotel” are partners living together, and when they travelled to Australia in early 2014, the only local supplier of poppers in Australia was in Sydney, New South Wales. Unsurprisingly, while flying from Denver, Colorado, it was impossible for us to bring poppers on the plane with us to Australia. As a result, we had to source them locally from a reputable adult partner company as travelling without our much needed poppers aromas is, well, difficult to say the least. In addition, we understand Amyl Nitrate Australia also has great hotel & extended stay connections in Sydney – we are able to confirm that deals range from 3-5 star rooms at $75-150AUD per night, with discounts on weekly and monthly durations. When the team was travelling to Australia they engaged the said partner to not only secure a great bargain, but also exchange “Advertising” based on this testimonial itself. Given both of our websites receive great local and open minded traffic, it seemed intrinsically beneficial for both companies to engage each other in an exchange of authoritative posts to ensure great deals for our own customer & clientele databases in our respective countries.

Nonetheless, great vibes all around Australia – when the team travels there again, we will of course engage Amyl Nitrate to both set us up with a great deal on accomodation and to arrange for us to receive a neatly packaged parcel of poppers upon arrrival. In exchange, we are able to offer clientele of their company discount rates and restaurant deals in many locations all over Denver and also major parts of Colorado as depicted on the map to the right.




Tourism Partnership – Horse Riding Melbourne

Horseback riding holidays in Australia

Australia, with its guarantee of unending gold shores and outback experience, is an ideal place for a horseback riding vacation on Oceania. Explore the Bogong High Summits, the Snowy Mountains, ride on cattle farms in South Australia, or on the shores of the Gold & Sunshine Coast or through the rainforest as well as across the Comboyne Plateau. No matter your favourite Australian encounter, Horse Riding Melbourne has a fabulous experience for you. This company represents a directory of fantastic horse riding services on offer in the massive, yet amazing, city of Melbourne. You can call them directly on 02 9874 6636 and book an appointment for the best horse ride of your life. Given most of our clientele at the hotel dabble in horse riding, we believe this company will offer an impeccable service.

New South Wales (the home of Sydney, as well as the major tourist hot spot, Byron Bay) has several outstanding horseback riding holidays. Relive your Man From Snowy River dreams on Snowy Mountains Hostel Ride and our Kosciuzsko Park Ride. Near Port Macquari on the NSW shore our Comboyne Plateau Ride joins sandy shore riding with exquisite rainforest trails and wildlife sightings (including Australia’s famous kangaroo!). The Bushranger Ride showcases the finest in Aussie ‘outback’ scene, with a great splattering of Aussie pub encounters that are bona fide!

Nevertheless, the state of Victoria (capital city Melbourne), which is where Horse Riding Melbourne, (our tourism operating partner in Melbourne) originates from. They are probably the most outstanding horseback tour operators in the southern hemisphere. Famously, there is the Victoria High Country ride which, for foreign visitors, mainly Americans and Chinese, will introduce wildlife likely never seen before. Victoria is famous for its cool winters and scorching summer – the mercury has been known to climb as high as 40 degrees Celsius in the peak of summer, but usually hovers around the 30 degree mark. One of the biggest baits in the country’s is its awareness of space. The country (continent) is absolutely massive, and you can find all type of extremes, from botanical gardens, to tropical woods or scorching deserts. Watersports are popular, particularly surfing however endurance riding and horse breeding is second nature to the majority of Australians who live in the outback.

Here in Denver we have a similar country style vibe and for customers that visit the Colorado Hotel chain and are looking for fascinating adventure outside of the USA, then Meblourne, with its vast, enticing and varied, multicultural background will bring affable charm and sunlight to your life.

For appointments, call 02 9874 6636.